Sports Injuries

Sports Injury Treatment - Columbia, MD
We treat the weekend warrior and even seasoned athlete. Don’t give up on your newly found exercise schedule or major event without a professional opinion. Let us make sure you are on the correct plan to heal.

What We Treat

Sports Injuries


Are you unable to exercise due to pulling and tightness? Or has your recovery period after activity been more achy than usual? The tendons in the lower leg cross long distances and pass across numerous joints to allow your foot to adapt and move during activity. Come to the Foot & Ankle Pain Center so Dr. Elgamil can analyze your next steps in the healing process.


Whether it’s a one time injury or they keep happening, the Foot & Ankle Pain Center will guide your healing process. Sprains commonly happen on the outside of the ankle when the foot rolls inward. We have several diagnostic tools and offer non-surgical and surgical approaches to keep you moving.

Shin Splints

If you’re feeling a tightness or aching along the bones in your shin, this can be inflammation where muscles in your leg attach to the bones. There are several non-surgical options that we can employ to impact your recovery time.

Ball of Foot Pain

If the ball of your foot is aching after exercise, it is important to know there are several bones that come together to get your foot off the ground. Common conditions include sesamoiditis, limited range of motion of the great toe joint, calluses, plantar keratoses, and metatarsalgia.

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