Skin Conditions

Corn & Callus Removal in Columbia, Maryland
Many factors can influence the skin on our feet to change. Sometimes it is not as simple as changing the shoes that we wear. From the minor to the most painful and even embarrassing changes that can occur, we can help you restore the comfort and confidence in your feet.

What We Treat

Skin Conditions


Corns and calluses are thick, rough skin that forms over bony prominences in the foot. There is usually an underlying reason why you are getting them. Let us help you find the right course of treatment.


Biopsies are needed to assess any unexplained skin abnormalities. If there is an area that bleeds easily, itches profusely, or a change in pigmentation (tissue color) or size, you should come in for an evaluation.


Caused by subtypes of the Human Papillomavirus, these pesky growths on your foot can be not only unsightly, but painful. At the Foot & Ankle Pain Center, we have many ways to get rid of these unwanted spots usually without the need for major surgery.

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot, known also as tinea pedis, is a fungal infection of the skin of the foot. This can cause frank itching and skin build-up/scale on the bottom of the foot or in between the toes. Let us get you on the right path to healing.

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