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Whether your pain starts right as you get out of bed in the morning or ends up forcing you on the couch at night, let us get your comfort back.

What We Treat

Heel Conditions

Plantar Fasciitis

A tight ligament spans the bottom of the foot and this can be a source of pain and inflammation in the heel especially. Common symptoms are waking up in the morning and having pain with first steps out of bed. Let Dr. Elgamil determine how to get your mornings back.

Heel Spurs

This can be a frequent area of discomfort whether on the bottom or back of your heel. Foot & Ankle Pain Center has digital x-rays on site and will help determine the severity of your condition. We offer non-surgical and surgical approaches in treating this condition.

Nerve Entrapments

Are you having tingling, numbness, burning, or electric sensations running through your foot and ankle? There are many people suffering with different nerve related ailments that can be the culprit when traditional heel pain treatments fail.

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