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There are numerous complex bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles/tendons that come together to form your foot structure. When one is out of place, things can go awry. That feeling that everything hurts must be carefully investigated. Let us determine the most appropriate course in healing.

What We Treat

Foot Conditions


Many people get worried when their foot starts to ache after prolonged standing or activity. A flatfoot condition can be the root of the issue causing excessive strain on tendons and joints. There are many non-surgical and surgical options to handle this condition.

Cavus (High Arch) Foot

A high-arch foot, aka cavus foot type, can be a poor shock absorbing foot. This can lead to soreness by the end of the day on your feet. There are many non-surgical and surgical options available to treat this condition.


When toes do not lay flat, they can be a major irritant trying to wear shoes. Since it is caused by a muscular imbalance of the muscles that control the toe, it can be frustrating when toes overlap one another. Fortunately there are non-surgical and surgical options that can address these deformities.

Arch Pain

There are several interlocking joints and important tendons that make up your arch. To locate where exactly in the arch your pain is coming from, call 410-575-3668 for an appointment today!


A bunion is a deformity next to the great toe joint area. It is caused by deviation of bones around the great toe that can make wearing shoes difficult. With a digital x-ray of your foot and a formal examination by Dr. Elgamil, we can tailor a treatment plan specific to the size and degree of the deformity.

Curly Pinky

The pinky (5th) toe usually curls abnormally due to a muscular imbalance. However, corns (hard skin) can develop on the toe and it can be very uncomfortable to deal with.

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