Ankle Pain

Ankle Pain Treatment in Maryland
There are numerous complex bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles/tendons that stabilize your ankle. With such a small anatomical size, it can feel like everything just hurts. Let us determine the most appropriate course in healing.

What We Treat

Ankle Conditions

Acute Ankle Sprain

Rolled your ankle? Skip the lines in the urgent care centers. Foot & Ankle Pain Center has a digital x-ray on site. From there, Dr. Elgamil can get you the attention you deserve.

Achilles Tendon

From dull aches to the most severe tears, Dr. Elgamil can tailor a treatment plan to allow for healing and a smooth rehabilitation.

Chronic Ankle Sprain

Constant aching, clicking or popping coming from your ankle? Dr. Elgamil can determine the severity of your ankle and offer non-surgical and surgical options to get you back on your feet.


Emergencies are never convenient for you! For this reason, the team at Foot & Ankle Pain Center is dedicated to providing you with prompt care. We offer many emergency services for your benefit. Dr. Elgamil is on active staff at many local hospitals including Howard County General Hospital.

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